Make Art is a drawing game in which the player and Marcel, an AI, complete simple drawing prompts. Marcel isn't very artistically inclined — his drawing is entirely fueled by random values that drive the direction and color of his strokes.
This game was completed as an independent study project in Fall 2022 and was made using Unity.
The basic gameplay loop is that the player creates a drawing in response to a prompt, and then Marcel makes a drawing in response to the same prompt. This produces hilarious results, as Marcel's interpretations are entirely random and often quite... abstract.
At the end of the game, the player and Marcel draw together to create something truly chaotic.

Early Marcel drawing test.

Developing Marcel's ability to draw was the most challenging, and most integral, part of the project. His lines needed to resemble the player's enough to feel like they were creating in the same space and using the same tools while still feeling distinct from the player.

A diagram explaining how Marcel draws.

Marcel curve test.

Marcel draws curves, now in color!

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